Harvard Campus Ministry / Pro Bono Work

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Here in this non-profit corner of my site, you’ll see a bit more than copywriting.

People ask what I did during my ad-hiatus while I was in campus ministry at Harvard. Incidentally: A lot of advertising, after they found out I had worked in advertising.

I now uniquely have three years’ experience as a one-person ad and social media agency doing copywriting + design for flyers, emails, website, Facebook, Instagram. It turns out university students do care about what a club on campus has to offer, but may only give you a quick second’s glance before moving on to browse the hundreds of other competing campus clubs.

Writing, website design (if you count Wix as design), rudimentary graphic design, Facebook content, Instagram content—all the things. I sure tried. Thankfully, some awesome people were willing to pick up the labor since I left Cambridge. Visit the site, if you’d like.